Leanscape for Follow-up

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Leanscape for Follow-up
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Leanscape for Follow-up E-learning
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Leanscape is a unique famous room escape game. It's a gamified interactive eLearning package for your organization to grasp the essence of agile and lean practices.

It is effortless to roll-out to your organization. Are you searching for a solution to kickstart Lean in your organisation? Leanscape is the easiest way to get everyone involved in agile ways of working while enhance teamwork at your company. It is the easiest and fastest way of becoming more agile. It's also more cost efficient than hiring a lean consult.

If you haven't yet purchased the original Leanscape eLearning package, go HERE to read more on it.


Leanscape for Follow-up is a set of tools to help you track the implementation of lean and agile at your organisation. This product is an add-on to our Leanscape eLearning package also available in oppia.fi

The original Leanscape includes eight rooms and eight different topics. Leanscape for Follow-up is the ninth room to the training. Room 9 helps you track the implementation of lean and see how the learned is put into practice.

The ninth room is a set of tools and visualizations to help you track the progress of your team and organisation. It helps management track the WIP limits as well as the actions you consider important. Employees get the chance to give feedback, reflect on their progress, and raise issues to the attention of management.

Leanscape for Follow-up also includes recap exercises to brush up your skills on the topics of Leanscape.

More informatio and a demo account available HERE

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