Database development with Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (based on MOC#20761 and MOC#20762)

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The main coal of this cource is to introduce students to Transact-SQL and Developing SQL databases.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe key capabilities and components of SQL Server 2016.
  • Describe T-SQL, sets, and predicate logic.
  • Write a single table SELECT statement.
  • Write a multi-table SELECT statement.
  • Write SELECT statements with filtering and sorting.
  • Describe how SQL Server uses data types.
  • Write DML statements.
  • Write queries that use built-in functions.
  • Write queries that aggregate data.
  • Write subqueries.
  • Create and implement views and table-valued functions.
  • Use set operators to combine query results.
  • Write queries that use window ranking, offset, and aggregate functions.
  • Transform data by implementing pivot, unpivot, rollup and cube.
  • Create and implement stored procedures
  • Add programming constructs such as variables, conditions, and loops to T-SQL code.
  • Design and Implement Tables.
  • Describe advanced table designs
  • Ensure Data Integrity through Constraints.
  • Describe indexes, including Optimized and Columnstore indexes
  • Design and Implement Views.
  • Design and Implement Stored Procedures.
  • Design and Implement User Defined Functions.
  • Respond to data manipulation using triggers.
  • Design and Implement In-Memory Tables.
  • Implement Managed Code in SQL Server.
  • Store and Query XML Data.
  • Work with Spatial Data.
  • Store and Query Blobs and Text Documents


  • Working knowledge of relational databases.
  • Working knowledge of Transact-SQL.
  • Some experience with database design.
  • This course is NOT recommended to junior developers.

See the web portfolio of lecturer here: Amir Zare Pashaei

Investeering: 1199,00 € + km
Lektor: Amir Zare Pashaei
Päevade arv: 5
Tundide arv: 40 akadeemilist tundi

Sihtgrupp:The primary audience for this course is IT Professionals who want to become skilled on SQL Server 2016 product features and technologies for implementing a database. Also Database designers and Developers, Business Intelligence solution designers. 


  • Module 1: Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server 2016
  • Module 2: Querying Multiple Tables
  • Module 3: Sorting and Filtering Data
  • Module 4: Using Built-In Functions
  • Module 5: Grouping and Aggregating Data
  • Module 6: Using Table Expressions
  • Module 7: Pivoting and Grouping Sets
  • Module 8: Executing Stored Procedures
  • Module 9: Programming with T-SQL
  • Module 10: Implementing Transactions
  • Module 11: Designing and Implementing Tables
  • Module 12: Introduction to Indexes
  • Module 13: Designing Optimized Index Strategies
  • Module 14: Designing and Implementing Views
  • Module 15: Designing and Implementing Stored Procedures
  • Module 16: Designing and Implementing User-Defined Functions
  • Module 17: Implementing Managed Code in SQL Server
  • Module 18: Storing and Querying XML Data in SQL Server
  • Module 19: Storing and Querying BLOBs and Text Documents in SQL Server
  • Module 20: Performance and Monitoring

Learning methods: Practical exercise, independent work. 
Assesment methods: Execution of independent work. 
Assesment form: Independent practical tasks on relevant topics.

Price includes coffee breaks and lunches in restoran "Lusikas".

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