Hands-on Hacking Essentials (HOHE)

längd, varaktighet: 2.0 dagar

The training is provided by Clarified Security and the trainer is James Dodd.

During the 2-day hands-on training experience the participants should form a good understanding of current attacker tool-set, attack types and methods. By experiencing the attacker mindset and point of view via hands-on exercises the participants not only will gain much higher appreciation for attack threats, but will be much more alert and better prepared for their own IT systems defence and security testing.

Target audience: System administrators, information security specialists and -managers and any other IT personnel that is not afraid of the shell or command prompt

Content of the training

Day One (introductions, essential attack phases, concepts attack vectors and tools):

  • Introduction

  • Kali Linux intro (participant's attack platform)

  • Reconnaissance and information gathering

  • Targets (a mix of Windows and Linux workstations and servers)

  • Remote exploitation attacks

  • Privilege escalation attacks

  • Attack tool-sets and attack automation (incl. Metasploit Framework and meterpreter)

  • "Jumping the (fire)wall" with targeted client-side attacks

Day Two (putting it all together in one training scenario):

  • Network Takeover” scenario with Kali Linux and Armitage - a whole day hands-on hacking scenario that walks participants through a small company network takeover scenario from an attacker's perspective.

  • Mostly Armitage along with other tools on Kali Linux will be used for attacking, making it easy to track and visualize how the victim network reveals itself as participants hack deeper into the network.

  • A brief reconnaissance followed by a targeted client-side attack gains your foothold. Pivoting your attacks through the initial compromised workstation and following up with local privilege escalation, scanning, password hash dumping, pass-the-hash and other attacks will deliver you the rest of the subnet. Credential and additional information harvesting, traffic capturing, data ex-filtration, steganography tools, PHP shells and other trickery will be used to compromise the rest of the subnets to find and steal steal the intellectual property you are after. We will also explain weaknesses in Windows credential handling by using tools such as Mimikatz and WCE (fairly popular tools among APT attackers) to dump plain-text passwords from any Windows version. Towards the end you will also use AV evasion tools and techniques to defeat or bypass common defense tools.

  • Your targets network consists of Windows 7, Windows XP and various Linux based firewall and server distributions.

Feedback and training wrap-up

PS! You will need to bring your own laptop. The laptop should have an ethernet port and a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768. Your laptop should be running Linux, Windows or MacOS. If you're a Windows user, you won't need local admin privileges.