Introduction to Data Strategy – A Practical Approach

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The need for organizations to create a comprehensive data strategy and data management plan is greater than ever, with the rise of the data-driven organization casting a larger spotlight on data-driven initiatives. But creating an enterprise data strategy and architecture can be a daunting task. It can be difficult to know where to begin, and how to prioritize efforts with the myriad technologies and stakeholders involved. This course will help de-mystify data strategy and data management, and will provide concrete, practical ways to get started. Hands-on activities and workshops will be included that help apply the concepts to your unique organization.

Picture: Global Data Strategy's Framework for Building a Practical, Actionable Data Strategy

Picture: Global Data Strategy’s Framework for Building a Practical, Actionable Data Strategy

Day 1

Day One provides an overview of the main components for building a data strategy and associated architecture. A key focus will be on aligning the data strategy with the organization’s business strategy to support becoming a more data-driven organization. An overview of the key components of data management will be covered including: metadata management, data architecture and data modeling, data quality, BI and data warehousing, Big Data and analytics, master data management, and data integration. Hands-on workshop exercises will be provided to give students the opportunity to apply the techniques they’ve learned. Topics include:

  • Data Strategy & Data Management Overview
    • Data Strategy & Data Management Executive Overview
    • Building blocks of a data strategy & architecture
    • Case studies & success stories
  • Establishing Goals & Gaining Buy-In
    • Motivation & drivers
    • Effectively communicate needs and expected ROI
    • Workshop: Defining business motivations & drivers
  • Building the Data Management Foundation
    • Metadata Management
    • Data Architecture & Data Modeling
    • Data Quality
    • BI and Data Warehousing
    • Big Data & Analytics
    • Master Data Management
    • Data Integration
    • Workshop: Assessing Current State Maturity
  • Prioritizing Business-Critical Data & Capabilities
    • Identify and prioritize cross-functional stakeholder needs
    • Define & manage business-critical data
    • Build the right technical architecture for your organization’s needs
    • Workshop: Prioritizing Business-Critical Data Objectives

Day 2

Day Two covers data governance, which is a critical part of any successful data strategy. We will begin with an overview of data governance and the various approaches and components involved in building a data governance organization from both an organizational and technical perspective. In the afternoon, students will integrate all of the topics learned in the course in an interactive workshop to build a roadmap and implementation plan for their unique organization. Topics include:

  • Data Governance
    • Data Governance Overview
    • Aligning Data Governance with business objectives
    • Organizational structures
    • Data stewardship & roles
    • Processes & workflows
    • Tools & technologies to support data governance
    • Workshop: Data Governance exercise
  • Defining an Actionable Roadmap
    • Identifying “quick wins”
    • Showing success metrics
    • Culture & communication
    • Workshop: Building an Actionable Roadmap



Donna Burbank

Donna is a recognized industry expert in information management with over 20 years of experience in data strategy, information management, data modeling, metadata management, and enterprise architecture. Her background is multi-faceted across consulting, product development, product management, brand strategy, marketing, and business leadership.

She is currently the Managing Director at Global Data Strategy, Ltd., an international information management consulting company that specializes in the alignment of business drivers with data-centric technology. In past roles, she has served in key brand strategy and product management roles at CA Technologies, Platinum Technologies, and Embarcadero Technologies for several of the leading data management products in the market. She has also led information management consulting practices for many years both in the US and Europe, focusing on both data management as well as broader management consulting.

As an active contributor to the data management community, she is a long time DAMA International member, Past President and Advisor to the DAMA Rocky Mountain chapter, and was recently awarded the Excellence in Data Management Award from DAMA International in 2016. She was also on the review committee for the Object Management Group’s (OMG) Information Management Metamodel (IMM) and a member of the OMG’s Finalization Taskforce for the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN).

She has worked with dozens of Fortune 500 companies worldwide in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa and speaks regularly at industry conferences, including a monthly webinar series with DATAVERSITY on Data Architecture Strategies. She has co-authored several books including Data Modeling for the Business, Data Modeling Made Simple with ERwin Data Modeler, and as a contributor to Metadata Solutions. She is a regular contributor to industry publications and organizations such as DATAVERSITY, EM360 Tech, Information Management & TDAN.


About Global Data Strategy, Ltd.

Global Data Strategy is an international information management consulting company specializing in the alignment of business drivers with data-centric technology. Our passion is data, and helping organizations enrich their business opportunities through data and information.

We have staff in both the US and UK with extensive expertise in data management disciplines as well as vertical industries such as health care, education, energy, telecommunications, and government. Our services and training offerings include:

  • Enterprise Data Strategy
  • Data Governance
  • Metadata Management
  • Data Architecture & Data Modeling
  • Data Quality
  • Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence
  • Master Data Management (MDM)

Our expertise has been gained in helping organizations across the globe drive value from their data, ranging from large multinational corporations to small nonprofit or government organizations. We are able to provide our years of experience to help you achieve your data-driven goals, and are passionate about helping customers make the most of their data assets.

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