Simulation-Based training: INCIDENT & PROBLEM SOLVING

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Incident and problem solving is a key skill for all technical staff and managers, and it becomes even more important each day because the services are getting more complex. But, how do we develop this skill? The traditional approach is to let a few employees attend a problem solving course where an instructor explains a lot of theory by use of Powerpoints, examples, and static, text-heavy, paper-based cases. I will let it be up to you to evaluate the value of this approach.

Or, we can choose another approach which is similar to what pilots, surgeons, musicians, craftsmen, sportsmen, or sportswomen do…they practice. They run exercises, they experiment, they experience the consequences of their actions, they get feedback, they adjust, and they repeat it.

Sim4people has developed a cloud-based simulator that is for all technical staff and managers, what the flight simulator is for pilots – a realistic, but safe-to-fail environment where it is possible to practice incident and problem solving and experience the consequence of actions. After just two days of 10 – 15 realistic scenarios and minimum but essential theory you have an instant effect in form of problem solvers that can collaborate and solve complicated incidents and problems safely, quickly, and cheaply.

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