No. Participation can also be paid by invoice, which is sent based on the information you provide to the billing address. The invoice can therefore be sent to your employer if you so wish. The course can also be paid either by employer or by own credit card.

When delivering goods, it is sufficient to know the billing and delivery address. Oppia.fi - learning online store, however, mainly sells services, and more information is needed to provide services. This information will be requested upon registration (food allergies, learning disabilities, authorization to give out an exam result, etc.). This also allows one (for example HR) to buy multiple places (= "tickets") for training on behalf of others and to share places with them.

Course registration is a purchase. By reserving the place, you agree to the purchase in accordance with the cancellation policy. If your organization requires a purchase authorization (PO number, SAP number etc.), then this number is also required for enrollment because it is a purchase transaction. Buying a place from a course is somewhat the same as buying a place on a plane, train, theater, opera or anything else.

Since the Oppia.fi online store can also be purchased by invoice, we must identify the buyer for billing and delivery of services. By registering with your business email address, you will be able to see any business and personal discounts, and they will also be considered for billing / credit card payments.

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